Group Life & Health Benefits

The objective of a comprehensive employee benefits program is to help protect your employees and their families from the potential of economic hardships caused by critical illness, disability and loss of life. 

Get Group Benefits plan quotes for your business from Canada's leading insurance companies. Group benefit rates are calculated specifically for your business and depend on the benefits selected by you, nature of your business, location, your group content (number of employees, age, occupation, single/family coverage, etc.), claim experience (if any) and other factors.  

Plans are designed for Small and Family Businesses employed 2 people and more. A group may include business owners, full- and part-time employees, self-employed or contractor workers, and plan type depends on what group it is designed for. 

When requesting a Group insurance quote for your business you have a flexibility to select the benefits and create your own plan.  However, you have also an option to pick up one of the pre-defined benefit packages for small business

How we can help

> Each business is unique and we will help to set up the plan type and plan design tailored for your needs and budget offering different options to choose from. 

> We will request insurance quotes from different insurance companies for the plan selected by you, so that you can compare the rates and choose the best solution.

> Plan implementation.

> Renewals and renewal rate analysis.


Why You Need Group Benefits

Recent research found that among small business owners who offer a benefits plan to employees most often cite employee attraction and retention (34 per cent) as an issue or problem that led them to consider benefits, followed by the desire to spend less time on HR issues and more time on strategic issues (19 per cent) and concerns over personal/family health issues (16 per cent).

The study also found that among small business owners who do not have benefits, retention (34 per cent) and attraction (31 per cent) would be the main motivators to consider implementing benefits, followed by a desire to take advantage of the savings associated with group plans (vs. personal benefits, 24 per cent) and the desire to reduce taxes (20 per cent).


If you are a business owner (employer), by implementing a group insurance plan for your employees you can:

> Get a tax-deductible business expense; 

> Provide financial protection for your employees and their families; 

> Provide a tax-effective form of compensation to your employees;

> Address the special needs of some employees with coverage available without any medical questionnaires to complete;

> Attract the best employees – employee benefits can give small business owners a competitive edge;

> Reduce employee turnover – employee benefits can help business owners retain good people; and

> Protect the business - ensuring the business is in a position to continue is critically important should the unexpected happen to the owner or a key employee.


Below is a list of benefits group insurance plan may include. You can select from these benefits, create your own plan suited to your and your employees needs and your company's budget (some conditions apply).

> Life insurance 

> Extended health benefit

> Prescription drugs

> Travel insurance

> Dental care

> Disability Insurance

> Critical illness