Financial Planning Services

When life’s ever-changing events come into your financial picture, you may not have the time, desire, or even ability to effectively plan and manage the various financial aspects of your life.  Most families benefit from an independent, third party perspective on what are often difficult decisions.  In the hectic world we live in today, having a financial planning expert guide you through your ever-changing financial picture can be exponentially beneficial. 


Many significant life events, some of which are listed below, require financial decisions to be made and too often individuals and families struggle through these events alone. There are times when you will cope with such events on your own, however, there are some situations where you may need the assistance of a financial planning expert to provide you an independent, unbiased, third-party opinion.  

> A marriage or a divorce.

> The birth of a child

> A layoff or serious illness.

> Ensuring retirement funds will last through retirement

> Coping financially with the death of a spouse.

> The purchase or sale of a business.

> Funding education.

> Managing an inheritance.

Other Circumstances

There are of course other circumstances in which individuals and/or families my wish to use our financial planning services

> You do not have the time to plan

> Your financial situation has grown more complex

> Some financial events may simply be too complex for most families, or you may just want to free up the time needed to enjoy other aspects of their lives.


We will work closely with a client’s other professionals, such as accountants, and attorneys to coordinate their efforts with your overall financial needs.