Group Benefits

We work with small business owners to navigate through the myriad of Group Benefit choices and providers in order to ensure that your needs are met as cost effectively as possible.

Let us show you how Group Benefits can help small business owners compete more effectively by helping to:

> Attract and retain key talent;

> Provide tax-efficient compensation; 

> Protect employees’ financial security; 

> Protect your business; and

> Increase productivity.

Financial Planning

Wyverstone’s integration of financial planning and investment management has resulted in shared expertise, greater service and a unique client experience. 

Our “one firm” approach ensures that all pieces of your wealth management plan are working together in an optimized manner. 

Our service options comprise the fundamental areas of concern that clients address over the course of their lives:

> Retirement planning;

> Estate planning;

> Business planning;

> Tax planning;

> Insurance planning; and

> Education planning.

Individual Protection

We understand that creating and managing your wealth is only half the battle; preserving it is just as important. Insurance strategies can help you preserve your wealth during your lifetime, and protect the value of your estate for your family and other beneficiaries.

An important part of any financial plan will generally include some individual insurance solutions. These solutions may vary from life insurance and income protection options such as disability and critical illness coverage to investments, personal financial planning and mortgage solutions.